Wills and Estates

Transmission of Estate

If you have a title of the property registered in joint tenancy and for example, your spouse dies, you can bring an original death certificate and we can do a transmission of the estate.

Last Will
We recommend preparing your Last Will with a professional. This is a very important powerful document which is when prepared correctly will help you avoid huge legal and court fees, and disputes with relatives, and help have a piece of mind.
In BC, we do not prepare joint Wills. Each person has his/her own Will. We will send you a questionnaire to fill out to make sure we can prepare a Will for you.
In your Last Will, we will NOT mention particular addresses of your properties, bank accounts, or what car you have for example; we will call it all an “Estate”. This is because we do not know what assets you will have at the time of your death.
We recommend not delaying with preparation of your Will as you have to have  full capacity to prepare this document.

This document will not have an expiration date, thus this is a real investment. Your relatives will only thank you for having your Will done as it is much easier and less expensive to deal with your estate after your death.

Reasons to have a Last Will:

  • You want a peace of mind about your family’s future

  • You have children under 19 minors

    who you want to be taken care of by your relatives instead of taken by the foster family/child services until a Guardian-relative is appointed and it takes sometimes months.
  • You own a home

    and other significant assets that you want to leave to your relatives based on your wishes and not based on how the judge decides.
  • You have pets

    that you want to be taken care of after your death.