Refinance file

To start a Refinance file, we will zeed the following information from you:

Your personal information: legal names, occupation, mailing address, etc.
Bank info
Information about branch of bank for mortgage payout and reference number, etc
Approval of a new mortgage/line of credit, when will we get mortgage instructions
Who are the borrowers going to be
Tax & insurance
Tax information and fire insurance company infomation
Refinance process

After you are approved for financing, you will need to call us. We normally start your file 2 weeks before the closing date. We will send you a questionnaire to fill out. You will need to provide our contact information to your mortgage broker/consultant. After we receive the information and documents, we will open your file. We will be signing the documents approximately 2-3 days before the closing date. For our meeting, you will need to bring 2 pieces of Identification, for example as: Canadian Passport and a BC Driver’s Licence. You will also need to bring a bank draft for the balance to complete if needed. At the time of signing the documents, we will explain the documents to you in detail and answer all your questions. On the completion date, we will receive money from your lender and register your new mortgage at the Land Title office. We will pay out your existing mortgage on the title, if you have one, and release the balance of mortgage proceeds to you via direct deposit to your account or via providing you with our trust cheque. We will follow up with the lender to make sure your mortgage is discharged and taken off the title.