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is to provide the highest quality notarial services at reasonable prices, satisfy my clients by meeting or exceeding their expectations and be trustworthy for my clients and whole community of my area.

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Steven and Beverly Hannah: "Olga was very helpful during the sale and purchase of our home. She provided support throughout the day, and even outside business hours. We are happy with the results."

Shahdab Rahman: "Olga was very professional in handling the purchase of my investment property. She was very thorough in researching land titles, strata plans, and any outstanding fees and credits.
   Overall, Olga was a pleasure to deal with and a very knowledgeable notary when it came to real estate transfers. I would recommend her to anyone and appreciated her well priced services."

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Wills and Estates

According to the new law – the Wills, Estates and Succession Act (WESA), s.36 (1)

A person who is 16 years of age or older and who is mentally capable of doing so may make a will.
If you

  • own property: real estate, vehicles and other property;
  • have a dependent spouse or children, and
  • trust to someone to take care of your estate after your death
  • want to avoid wasting the time of your representative and money from your Estatebecause of going through the court procedures to probate your will

then you should have a will…

We will help you to make a will.

In your Will, not the Government, not the Court, not the Law, You will decide:

  • how you want your assets to be distributed
  • who will take care of your children after your death and
  • who will represent you and administer your Estate.

From the experience of some of my clients, it is frustration for all family when your relative dies without a will. Family conflicts arise: who will take this gold chain, who will take care of the business, will we bury him or cremate, etc. People are upset, confused and lost.

We will help you to make a will to make this process as less painful as possible.

We will guide you from beginning to the end of this process and help you to file a Wills Notice with the Vital Statistics Agency to locate the will after your death.

We will need 2 pieces of IDs : at least one has to be government issued with your photo and signature. They have to be valid and unexpired. For ex. the first piece can be a Driver’s licence, Care Card, Passport and etc. and the second piece can be Credit Card, Student Card, etc.